George Müller was eleven years old when the Franco-Prussian War erupted in Alsace, France in August 1870. As an adult, he published this skillfully woven narrative, taken from the people who lived those memorable days.

   Meet Cherry Toni and Brigadier Hecker, who are convinced the Frenchies can't lose. And the plundering Bavarian soldiers stationed in George's small village. Follow the wagoners as they supply the battlefields, transport wounded, and bury the battlefield dead. Marvel at the pre-teen author's First Trip for the Fatherland.

   First published in 1894, August 1870:Memories of War in Alsace provides a rare glimpse of this conflict from the perspective of civilians who became unwilling participants. The book also raises interesting questions about the role of ethnicity and nationalism in 19th century Europe that reverberate in today's globalized world..

   This first-ever English edition also includes more than 100 vintage illustrations by the German military illustrator Ernst Zimmer, 8 color illustrations by Dick de Lonlay, the pen name of the French author and cartoonist George Hardouin, and a brief introduction.