George Müller (1859-1935) was born and lived in Lembach, a small  village in Alsace, France. The Müllers arrived in Lembach around 1600 with the arrival of Frederick Müller from Württemberg, Germany. Within a few generations dozens of families in Lembach could trace their lineage to Frederick.

   Frederick's descendant Daniel Müller (1685-1772) built a half-timbered home on Lembach's route de Woerth that remains in the family. The author’s father Martin Müller (b. 1817) established Lembach’s evangelical Lutheran church during an 1850s period of revivalism.

   In 1905, the author's teenage son George arrived in America, joining his cousin Louise Mueller and her husband Jacob Schweickart, both of Lembach. In 1907, George was joined by Caroline Neuschwender, his childhood neighbor with whom he fathered a daughter Caroline in 1906. The two were married, settled in Manasquan, New Jersey and produced 17 children and 50 grandchildren. The young couple founded, with Louise and Jacob, the Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Manasquan.

   Joseph LaMountain is a nonprofit marketing executive and serves on the faculty of Georgetown University. He lives in Alexandria, Virginia and is the author's great-great grandson.